29 June 2015

a playlist

There has been some literally life-changingly good music in the past few months. Like mind-blowing, out of this world sort of stuff. Playlists have always been a sort of go-to for me, there's constantly music playing in the background of whatever I'm doing, and it's always cool when you share it and people actually listen to it and vibe it. Even when it's just forcing your friends to let you on the aux or follow you on spotify in a desperate attempt to jam with them to the stuff you like.

Also, Auckland is really damn cold at the moment. Like 'I'm-wearing-trackpants-under-my-uniform-please-pretend-you-cant-tell' sort of cold. It's an excuse to bring out an abundance of scarves and coats and nice winter-y layering things though, which is the slight positive to the ridiculously arctic temperature. I love winter fashion so much.

So basically here's a playlist of good music I've been listening to when I'm freezing my a-- off this winter. Shoutout to Jamie xx and A$AP Rocky's new albums. Jams.


25 June 2015

welcome back

How do I even begin to start this post.

I'm back. It's been ages - a year, if not more - but I'm back. Unfortunately for a while there life got in the way of blogging. There was so much else going on, and I was busy, stressed, uninspired, lazy.. all of those things and more when it came down to getting my laptop out and typing up a post. (Please excuse the lack of ability to put together a decent paragraph anymore.) But basically, I decided I've missed writing. There's something incredibly nice about having a space to string words together and let some sort of hidden creativity out, have a little bit of self expression. This blog was and will continue to be a space that's inherently mine. I think I forgot that a little bit, quality fell and it felt like a chore to post. When this becomes a way of representing myself or putting myself out there, I don't want it to seem strenuous or boring or pointless.

I don't know how often I'll post, currently being engulfed by NCEA Level Three amongst other things, but I'd like to get back into posting regularly. the ambulant has been up on blogspot for so long that it'd be too much of a shame to lose it.

What have I even been up to for a year? It's such a long time. Since I last posted, I've been to Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tonga and Queenstown, I'm halfway through my final year of school, I've been party rocking and working hard and voicing the opinions I've developed on the world, I got a kitten that's god damn adorable, I've made new friends and distanced from others and continue to love the ones who've been there forever, made about a ton of clich├ęs (by that I mean the last sentence, already looking back at how cringe it was but true.) Basically a whole lot has been going on. If you're back on the ambulant and followed it before, hopefully I haven't changed too much. Nice to see you again.

I look forward to the first post back that isn't just an 'I'm back'. Stay tuned.

25 February 2014


So yo, school is killing me.

There's so much on at the moment, and between commitments, school (homework is being loaded on) and everything else, blogging has taken a backseat. You might have noticed. Honestly, my last post was so under par with the quality I want to produce as a blogger, and it's because I'm stretching myself real thin.

DON'T WORRY FRIENDS, THIS ISN'T ONE OF THOSE, I JUST CAN'T BLOG ANYMORE POSTS. I'm still here alive and kicking, it's just going to take some better planning on my part. 

Quality over quantity right? It's a bit late, but that's a goal I'm going to set for this year.

But aside from all that jumble, I have actually been studying. And to take away from the bore that is going through my Physics notes, music has to be involved. I made a playlist that was meant to be purely for me, but hey, my music taste is my favourite thing and why not share it for those who also need a bit of a beat to help them through Calculus or just anyone who wants to listen out.


Kids? Since when am I calling people kids. Random observation, but my vocabulary is going through a phase. I've moved past my 'fabulous' phase, (calling everyone sweet and everything fab) briefly ducked into a 'rad' phase, (she's so rad, that's rad, we're all rad) and now I'm moving into a far from cool but therefore cool in it's own right phase. Lame and ace are two words I've been using a lot.

Unneeded insight into my life, sweet as. 

Lots of love,

18 February 2014

new york, of course

Once again, that time of year comes around where my heart hurts just a little bit more for not living in New York City. Oh to dress my very best as I enter through the doors to a show at NYFW. Would that not be living the life.

New York is my dream city, but you may have already guessed. And what could be better than my favourite week of the year, in my favourite city in the world? Not much.

A collection that's caught my eye? Opening Ceremony.

Asymmetrical cuts, unorthodox zips and cool prints. I like that. A fresh, youthful collection with a modest colour palette. If only I could wear Opening Ceremony as I graced the streets of Manhattan. 

Short post today, I've got a lot coming up soon. Stay tuned dolls.

Lots of love,

(I almost accidentally named this post 'snoop chelsea' because I was listening to Snoop Dogg and feeling uninspired, thought I would share. Have an incredible day.)

14 February 2014


TGIF. But more importantly, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

This year, I don't have a valentine. (Or one that I know of just yet, I'll let you in on a secret: this is a scheduled post. Maybe something will change!) I've had previous valentines, which have been cool. My personal favourite was in Year 3 at Primary School. Valentine's Day was a Sunday, so on the Monday back at school, I went and sat down as if everything was normal. There were two guys in the class, best friends, and one of them came to me, and as in about one breath said, "TOM*WANTEDYOUTOBEHISVALENTINEBUTWASTOOAFRAIDTOASKANDHEWANTSTOGOONADATEWITHYOUWILLYOUSAYYES." Then he got tackled to the ground and everyone laughed except for me and Tom who both went very red. (*Names have been changed, because I doubt he wants these memories resurfacing.) I don't think he ever made eye contact with me again. 

But in all spirit of the day, I hope you loved up readers enjoy your loved up day, and you single girls enjoy it anyway. Remember that it doesn't necessarily have to be based on romantic love!

Lots of love,

4 February 2014

the house of g

February is here. School has started, and it isn't actually all that bad. More so the fact that I have to get up early and actually do things before 12pm. (Do brains even work properly at that time in the morning?????????????)

Removing school from the topic of my post, there's something you need to know about.

Glassons put out a range called 'edt.' a while ago, and I liked it a lot. For a large, affordable chain brand, it was nice to see some refined, fresh styles in the mix. So the fact that another collection hits stores tomorrow is real exciting. There's a beautiful campaign film shot by Lula Cucchiara. Watch it.

I can't actually pick a favourite piece, so I'm just going to say everything, but particularly those coloured blue. How can you not be a fan of the perfect blue outfit? But then I'm also a fan of the pinks and the peaches and the blacks and the greys.

Good work House of G! What a cool range.

Lots of love,

28 January 2014



But seriously. School starts on Friday and it means that a new year of work and classrooms and teachers and an overwhelming desire to learn by doing things and meeting people and travelling being made intangible because you have to learn about atoms and calculus and Shakespeare. (DISCLAIMER: Shakespeare isn't that bad.)